Father’s Day

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No doubt father’s day is usually an afterthought to mother’s day, including those of us who are dads ourselves. We tell our children and spouses to “get a nice steak and call it a day” and generally we’re happy for the recognition.

But as much as we worship the moms in the world, do we also sell ourselves short? No doubt another card with a suit tie motive is coming our way with no elaborate gifts to be expected. Just a quick note, ties are uncomfortable and are only reserved for the 3 Fs – Formal festivities (maybe), funerals (definitely) and Frank Sinatra impersonation (for sure).

Before you let that bitterness take seed, I want you to really consider why your family would think these generic offerings are appropriate to who you are as a man. How much of yourself have you shared with those closest to you? When was the last time you invited them to partake in something you enjoy? Do you carve out as much time as you can manage to introduce them to you as a man and person? The million dollar questions.

For this father’s day, we at the Men and Masculinity team invite dads everywhere to encourage your family to get to know you. Best of all, this activity can be cost-effective, will create fantastic memories and reshape the opinions of those you love. Spend the day outdoors in your yard or a park and regale them with stories from your youth. Perhaps an intimate dinner with friends and family, no gifts required but funny anecdotes encouraged (maybe beer too). If you have hobbies you are passionate about, invite them along and show off that thing you’re good at. The astonishing and wildly attractive thing is that your passions and gratitude can really transform how someone sees you. Even if your hobby is stamp collecting, don’t be afraid to boast about your knowhow.

And as a reminder, we are 4 months away from our summit and fatherhood is personal topic near and dear to our hearts. Be sure to get your ticket and join professionals, thought-leaders and esteemed speakers from all over as we discuss and share our identities as fathers.

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